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Our people define who we are!

ipt - our people define who we are!

Who is ipt and what do you do?

We are a swiss IT consulting company. Despite being on the market for more than 20 years, we have retained our start-up mentality: 130 people. Flat hierarchy. Lots of fun! We develop innovative, integrated software solutions on-site and together with our customers using leading-edge technologies. Our focus is data-driven businesses, process digitalization and agile organizations. Our people define who we are! Employees are our backbone, and everyone can contribute. We share our knowledge and support each other. We cherish our team spirit. We are ONE Team!

Why do you support VIScon?

We are excited about the second edition of VIScon and look forward to being part of it again. The opportunity to share, interact, and connect within a community is exactly what we aspire at ipt!

Last year we had a lot of fun and many highlights! One of them was of course to see your great results of the hackathon and to talk with you about hot topics from the IT industry. Just like last year, our people, who were also university grads, will be on-site to have a talk and a workshop with you about leading-edge technologies and topics from the industry. We would love to have an inspiring discussion with you and to bridge together the gap between theory and practice.

Yves Brise, Daniel Yu, Abhimanyu Patel, Daniel Strebel and Jonathan Gan are looking forward to meeting you and to share their expertise with you. Sharing is caring!

What are your predictions about the future of IT?

The future of IT can be predicted by looking at the history of medicine. This allows us to make realistic as well as speculative predictions at the same time. It is realistic to say that nowadays medicine is indispensable to our modern life. And we have come to expect effective and very personalized treatment for our illnesses. However, in the very beginning of medicine there was only diagnosis and prognosis. That is, merely being able to say what the problem was and how it’s going to go down. This reminds me of standard software that can or cannot do certain things. And if there is a problem, the solution is to switch it off and on again. This will evolve. We have seen the rise of open source, the cloud and container platforms. Combined with the power of AI, this will lead to more personalized and intelligent software solutions. Software systems will not be specified any more down to the last screw. They will be cooked up in soup of containers and operators guided by some AI process, much like a chemical process that is used to produce a drug. What’s the speculation here? IT systems will be used to prolong our lives by a factor of 5. At least. There will be simulations of our bodies with data-driven insights on top that will allow us to intervene at the right time with exactly the right drug to undo the negative effects of the steak you ate on Saturday night. Or maybe manipulate your brains pathways in such a way that you wouldn’t want to eat that steak any more. History always repeats itself.

Number of current employees:

130 Team players



We are constantly hiring people who suit us.

Does your company offer internships?

In our consulting context internships are unfortunately not possible.

Does your company offer part-time jobs?

Yes, we do.

Do you have any trainee programs?


Do you have any offers for recent graduates?

Sure! You can find graduate jobs here: https://ipt.ch/karriere/.

Does your company offer the opportunity to write a Bachelor/Master thesis?

No, but we offer our experts as interview partners.

Contact Information

  • Contact Person: Simal Papadopoulos
  • Address: Poststrasse 14, 6300 Zug, Switzerland
  • Locations: Zürich, Bern and Zug
  • Language: German
  • How to find us on the web: https://ipt.ch/

Additional Information

Check out: https://ipt.ch/karriere/!

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