Who are you and what do you do?

We are a team of skilled engineers who are passionate about making the world a more secure place. As experts in web application protection, we create innovative security functions to guard against current and future web attacks in an increasingly digitalised world. We develop market-leading off-the-shelf products in the fields of cloud security, application security, API security, identity management and access control that are used by international banks, insurance companies and industry. We want to use technologies such as machine learning to stay one step ahead of the hackers, but that’s not all: digitalisation must not only be secure, it must meet the highest standards in terms of user-friendliness, efficiency, availability, and time-to-market.

Why do you support VIScon?

Staying ahead of the hackers is what spurs us on to protect data, applications and identities – but this is not our only task. As the supplier of an internationally successful IT security product, we are passionate about security in all its forms and we want to kindle this enthusiasm in the next generation of IT specialists. We look forward to talking to you at VIScon 2022!

What plans does Airlock have for the future?

IT security is one of the greatest challenges companies are facing today and tomorrow. The theft of data, attacks on applications and possible attacks on an organisation’s digital infrastructure can quickly lead to serious damages; both in terms of reputation and the legal and financial consequences for companies.

Airlock protects what many organisations fear: data theft, cyber attacks, and attacks on applications. Airlock impresses with many powerful features developed from the expertise of experienced specialists. This expertise is probably the best guarantee for security solutions that anticipate tomorrow's risks, today!

What is especially valued within Airlock? What makes you... you?

A flat hierarchical structure and short communication channels facilitate collaboration and speed up decision-making processes. We have won a number of awards for our corporate culture, our commitment to supporting future generations and our core business of software development. In 2021 we were recognised for the third time (after 2018 and 2012) as the best employer in Switzerland.

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Kleinstrasse 15 8008 Zurich

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