What is BSI all about, and what do you do?

Our story began in 1996. We specialize in state-of-the-art omnichannel software for customer data management and marketing automation. We are at home in Baar, Baden, Bern, Düsseldorf, Darmstadt, Hamburg, Munich and Zurich. There are 400 of us, with more than 250 employees being part owners. No hierarchies. No org chart. We are a network and use a role concept. The same opportunities and beginning salaries for everyone. Strong values. That is who we are.

What are BSI's plans for the future?

When BSI was first founded, large-scale monolithic software systems were state of the art. Today, we develop highly complex, multi-modular software systems given the digital transformation and increasing demand in the entire industry. To enhance these solutions, we have invested substantial resources into developing software that has an even smarter way of using data. We do this by working with artificial intelligence, cloud-based infrastructures and advanced, independent frontends. We live in inspiring and promising times for IT professionals and look forward to a challenging and equally exciting future.

Why do you support VIScon?

We love the idea of VIScon offering a platform for students and companies to connect and exchange knowledge in the computer science and engineering fields. We believe that this will generate countless innovative ideas and prompt inspiring discussions. Also, the wide range of available offers (talks, workshops, expos & networking lunches) seems intriguing and will enhance different ways of knowledge sharing between all participants. We are excited to meet young professionals from such a renowned university.
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What is especially valued within BSI?
What makes you you?

We are doers, and we love software. We are outdoor enthusiasts and technology geeks. We are a community, a family. We are proud of our unique corporate culture, and internal networking and personal contacts are particularly important to us. We support each other and pull together, and we cultivate this cohesion in our daily interactions and in shared experiences.

Current employees:



We are looking for candidates with a passion for software, customer communication and cutting-edge technology who enjoy complex challenges and are comfortable with the concept of team spirit.

Where are your offices / is your office?

We are at home in Zurich, Baar, Baden, Bern, Düsseldorf, Darmstadt, Hamburg and Munich.

Does your company offer internships?

Yes, we do. We offer internships for students with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for the future, who want to work temporarily on projects and solve challenges working with a state-of-the-art open-source stack: In the backend, it is Apache Tomcat/Eclipse Jetty, ActiveMQ, Lucene and PostgreSQL. We program in Java and use IntelliJ as IDE. The frontend is a web app implemented with ECMAScript6+. Our application landscape of Docker containers is fully virtualized, and we use Kubernetes and OpenShift to manage it. For machine learning, we rely on DeepLearning4J, ONNX, PyTorch and TensorFlow.

Does your company offer part-time jobs?

Yes, we do.

Do you have a trainee program?

There are no specific trainee programs in place at the moment.

Do you have any offers for recent graduates?

We are looking for candidates with a passion for software, customer communication and cutting-edge technology who enjoy complex challenges and are comfortable with the concept of team spirit.

Does your company offer the opportunity to write a Bachelor/Master thesis?

Available on request

Contact information:

For more information, visit our website at or contact for more specific questions about working at BSI.

We are eager to hear from you.

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Other offices: Baar, Baden, Bern, Düsseldorf, Darmstadt, Hamburg and Munich