Who are you and what do you do?

We are a Swiss IT consulting company. Despite being on the market for more than 25 years, we have retained our start-up mentality: 200 people. Flat hierarchy. Lots of fun! We develop innovative software solutions on-site and together with our customers using leading-edge technologies. Our focus is AI & data, digital experience, cloud and integration. Our people define who we are! Employees are our backbone, and everyone can contribute. We share our knowledge and support each other. Together, we make technology valuable.

What plans does IPT have for the future?

We are looking optimistically into the future. ☺ Here are three things that we are striving for together:

1. Bigger isn't better - better is better! We will continue to grow and remain true to ourselves: all for everyone, direct connect to each other and a unique organizational form.

2. In the future, we will keep cultivating innovation from within. Our experts do tech scouting, pick up new trends and develop ipt strategically. We're investing time specifically on this.

3. We will also differentiate ourselves in the future through the quality of our solutions. For this we need top employees, which we encourage in their development and support them on the projects.

Why do you support VIScon?

We are very enthusiastic about VIScon as we have a lot in common: We love adventurous and innovative missions and we believe that with strong teamwork and a positive mindset you will face every challenge in this hackathon. The opportunity to share, interact, and connect within a community is exactly what we aspire at ipt! At every VIScon we have a lot of fun and many highlights with you. We love to see your great results of the hackathon and to talk with you about hot topics from the IT industry during the Symposium. Like every year, our people, who were also university grads, will be on-site to have two workshops with you about leading-edge technologies and topics from the industry. Weili Gao, Florian Stelzer and Matthias Geel are looking forward to meeting you and to share their expertise with you. See you there!

What is especially valued within ipt?
What makes you you?

We put our heart into our people. We strongly believe that the individuality of each and every one of us is what makes us successful. Our progress and success should be influenced, decided and carried by all employees. That's why we believe in all our employees and their ideas, so that they can develop their full potential.

ipt is a place for people who put their whole commitment into everything they do. We share a common passion for leading-edge technologies and master every customer challenge. We share knowledge and help each other to succeed together. We also love to create shared memories and have fun together.

Current employees:


Oppportunities / Vacancies:

We have many entry-level positions in Cloud, DevOps, Digitization and Data Engineering.
Check it out: ipt.ch/de/karriere/jobs/.

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