Who are you and what do you do?

Passion for technology combined with love for interaction design: This is Ubique.
We are committed to the development of exceptional digital products. With a focus on meaningful digitalization, we create versatile applications that simplify the everyday lives of millions. Our portfolio includes some of Switzerland's most popular mobile apps, such as SBB Mobile, MeteoSwiss, swisstopo and SwissCovid. We also have our very own projects and initiatives that power the future of work, emergency response, mobility, open-source mapping and mobile authentication.

Why do you support VIScon?

As a company that deeply values innovation and the hacker spirit, we proudly stand behind VIScon as a supporter. Many of our team members are former or current students of ETH.

Furthermore, hackathons hold a special place in our company's history. It's within the fast-paced, collaborative and innovative environments of hackathons that some of our most impactful ideas have been born. Like SwissCovid, which emerged from a hackathon project and later served as a pioneering blueprint for similar applications around the globe. Similarly, the touch timetable feature in SBB Mobile, which has transformed public transport planning in Switzerland, was inspired by the hacker spirit.

By supporting VIScon, we aim to fuel the same spirit of innovation and problem-solving that drives our work at Ubique.

What plans does Ubique have for the future?

We are committed to continuous learning, innovation, and building great products. Our future plans are centered around expanding our portfolio of digital products while maintaining our commitment to user experience, security, and meaningful digitalization.

We will continue to focus on areas where we believe we can make a significant impact, such as everyday mobile applications, mobility, open- source mapping, cybersecurity and healthcare digitization.

Moving forward, we aim to continue our culture where everyone, from seasoned team members to newly joined students, collaboratively turn innovative ideas into impactful digital solutions.

What is especially valued within Ubique?
What makes you you?

What sets Ubique apart is our approach to digitalization – we believe it should occur where it makes sense and provides actual value. This belief guides our development process, resulting in products that truly support users and have a sustainable impact. Above all, we prioritize enjoyable user experiences, believing that digitalization should be both fun and inventive to truly enhance daily life.

Another cornerstone of our identity is our responsibility towards users and society at large. We firmly believe that digital products should be safe and practice transparency in data handling.

We're passionate about what we do. We don't just develop apps, we also love to use them ourselves on a daily basis. This personal investment in our products often fuels our creativity, with ideas for new features sometimes coming to us during a hike or while using one of our apps.

In essence, we are a team of professionals who are passionate about meaningful digitalization, committed to creating exceptional user experiences, and proud of the work we do. That's what makes us Ubique.

Where is your office?

Our Office is located at Zurich Central. Just 5 minutes to Zurich Main Station and a stone's throw away from the University and ETH.

Limmatquai 122
8001 Zürich

Current employees:



Yes, check our website for open positions https://ubique.ch/jobs.

Does your company offer internships?

Yes, we offer internship opportunities.

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